So here we go. It is almost exactly 9 months until our wedding day. We have been engaged for 8 months, and together for almost 2 years. And if you ask my fiancé, we've been in love since the moment we met 3 years ago, we just didn't realize it.

Ryan and I met at my cousin's funeral, who also happened to be Ryan's stepbrother. So that means Ryan and I are cousins, but not by blood, thank god. (Ryan's mom, Terrye, married my uncle John in 1999 and that's how the cousin thing came about) We sat around my Aunt's table for hours after the funeral, laughing and crying and falling hard for one another. We were both in relationships then, so we parted ways and exchanged email addresses but didn't think much of it. A year later, Ryan got on a plane to go to the wedding of a woman he'd never met because he knew I was going to be there. And the rest is history.

So here we are, halfway through our engagement and eager to tie the knot. So far we have secured a wedding date, a venue, a tent, tables and chairs, and a humongous guest list. We're having a "vintage wedding," which translates to an ungodly amount of time spent on ebay and several hundred dollars worth of items that smell like my grandmother's attic.

- Sally

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